Do you need an editor?


Have you written a manuscript and need help with the big-picture elements as well as the line-by-line minutiae?

Are you struggling with transforming the ideas circling in your mind into a coherent message?

Do you want to make sure your written word accurately represents what you're trying to relay?

Do you want to give your manuscript a makeover and prepare it for publishing?

If so, I am here for you. In short, I am your editor.

I can edit your manuscript (memoir, nonfiction, fiction, ebook) and help you move one step closer to publishing your book so you can share it with others.



I edit your text with care and detail, identifying issues with clarity, flow, and accuracy, make and suggest revisions to improve your written word's readability, and collaborate with you in order to reach a final project with which you're happy.

I am your editor.


You've spent months if not years on your text, and you want your manuscript to represent you. More importantly, I  strive to help you to not only better the current text at hand, but also to coach and give you tools to be a better writer for your future writing endeavors.  

I am your coach.


Editors often make better writers. From my varied background in daily newspapers to a nonprofit's magazine to traditional and online book publishing, I can write to meet your needs, whether it be text for your website, a magazine feature, or ghostwriting.

 I am your writer.