Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some FAQs that you may have as you consider using my services:

How should I start?

First, you contact me through the Contact Chad page and ask for a quote for your manuscript, depending on the service you want. If you need assistance in selecting a package, I can help you. I'll email you an invoice for your project, and you can email me your manuscript. Easy enough?

What if I don't know which package is right for me?

That's okay. Contact me through the Contact Chad page, and I'll follow up with an email to discuss what package might be the best for you.

How does the editing process work?

Here is a quick rundown of what you can expect when I work with an independent author. Not all may be applicable:

  1. We can discuss my services and what you expect of me. 
  2. I'll quote the project, based on the package you select (and on your expectations and deadlines).
  3. We'll each sign a simple, standard contract that outlines the project, deadlines, payment arrangement, and other important information.
  4. I'll invoice you for half the payment up-front. The remaining balance will be due when I complete the edit.
  5. I'll edit the manuscript. Its length will affect my turnaround time, although I strive to keep projects to three to four weeks.
  6. I'll return the edited manuscript for you to review and to field any questions that you have.
  7. Depending on our work agreement, you can make any necessary revisions based on my queries and edits. 

As I edit

  • I always use Track Changes in Microsoft Word, which allows you to . see and identify the edits that I make (the edits appear in a different color in Word). When you later review my edits, you can easily accept or reject edits in Track Changes with just a single click.
  • I will use the Comments feature in Word for any queries I have about your intended meaning or suggestions to improve something. I won't query when I make standard edits. Through the Comments feature, I also will coach you with tips to help you be a stronger writer.
  • I will write an additional author letter that focuses on global issues and edits. This letter also explains why I made certain edits and suggestions you can implement if you so wish.

How does invoicing work?

I invoice in two payment installments: one when we agree to work together and one when the project is completed. Payments (money order, cashier's check, or PayPal) are due within 14 days.

How long does editing take?

The length of time depends on the package that you purchase and the length of your manuscript. For shorter manuscripts (less than 50,000 words), I strive for two to three weeks, whereas longer manuscripts may take up to four weeks. The development-editing package can take up to six weeks, counting the two rounds of editing. We can discuss your needs.

What if I'm not satisfied with my edits?

At Sievers Communications, LLC, we strive to make all of our authors satisfied. If you are unsatisfied, I will re-edit any text until it meets your satisfaction. 

How do we communicate?

Email is the preferred mode of contact, and I'll respond to your emails in a timely fashion, at least within 24 hours. After I finish editing, I'll follow up with an author letter to explain my work. I'll also call you for the thirty-minute phone call, depending on the package that you've selected. Any additional email communication is free.

How much do the editing packages cost?

The development editing package fee is 2 cents per word with two rounds of editing. The line-editing package is 2.5 cents per word, and the copyediting package is 1.5 cents per word. 

Ghostwriting is $40 an hour and editorial evaluations are a flat fee of $50. Please refer to the Editing Services page for more information.

What about confidentiality?

You've spent months, if not years, on your manuscript, and I won't use or share your work. I also offer a nondisclosure statement upon request, which may include me adding your title to my Work Samples page on this website.

How can you help me get published?

Although I can't guarantee that your manuscript will be published, I can help you take steps toward reaching that goal.

Today book publishing is more cutthroat than ever, so getting published by a traditional book publisher can be challenging. Refer to the Marketing Services page for more information about your query letter and summary. 

With the development editing package, I can also discuss self-publishing options if you are interested.

Can you assist with marketing?

More than ever, publishers today want authors who already have some sort of platform and audience in which they can market to and sell their books. I offer a couple of Marketing Services, depending on your needs.