Development Editing

This editing package looks at the big picture and the overall organization, tone, and content of your manuscript, in order to clarify any vagueness and uncertainty. More specifically, this package

  • Provides ways for the author to show rather than tell

  • Ensures that the manuscript is organized clearly for readers to understand the story

  • Addresses the manuscript's tone and how it speaks to readers

  • Offers suggestions or gives clearer explanations, analogies, and so on

  • Identifies sentence structure and word usage

  • Strives for logic and consistency

  • Examines the way the manuscript addresses the reader

  • Detects factual errors

Specifically for fiction and memoir manuscripts, the development editing service may address issues with the following elements (and an example question I may pose):

  • Character development: Are the characters lifelike, original, and three-dimensional?

  • Plot and pacing: Is the plot unique and interesting? Does the story move at the right pace?

  • Point of view: Are you consistent with point of view so readers can easily follow along?

  • Dialogue: Is the dialogue natural, or does it seem contrived? Is it necessary to make your point?

  • Description: Does the text give too little or too much description

  • Conflict and resolution: Do you have tension that builds up to a resolution? Is it realistic?

  • Theme: What are the main ideas you want readers to take away after reading and are you successful?

  • Symbolism and imagery: Do you rely too heavily on symbols and imagery or not at all?

  • Setting: Do the location and time fit the story?

This service is 2.5 cents per word for development and line editing or 2 cents per word for development editing.